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Scribbling On Scrap Paper Just Before Going to Bed Reveals Deep Wisdom to Un-Man


With apologies — however insincere — to Barry Windsor-Smith.


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Project 4 Awesome: Heifer International

Well, yesterday was the official YouTube “Project 4 Awesome” day, where as many youtubers as possible made videos promoting their favorite charity and flooding YouTube with anti-World Suck.

I made my video about the “Heifer International” food project, in which people can fund the purchase of animals for a starving village in the world. check out their site at

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Now That’s What I Call Art

The Un-Man has discovered culture theft!  Bittorrenting, I find, allows any entity with a broadband connection and sufficient patience to acquire a comic-book collection of stunning clarity and completeness going back to 1940.  Thousands of issues.  I hear sick, bad rumors that my co-blogger, the Benjamoid (a.k.a. the BenT One and other questionable pseudonyms), has downloaded the complete Archie Comics archive and is refusing to leave his computer except for potato chips and water (muttering something about “Veronica”). 

Anyway, among these free digital treasures I have found a number of well-ripened science fiction comics from the 1950s. Some even pre-date the nastiness-suppressing “Comics Code Authority,” a self-censorship mechanism created by the comics industry to forestall government controls on content.  Among these SF treasures are the superbly drawn and inked comics of EC, short fror Entertainment Comics, the folks who also brought you MAD Magazine, with many of the same artists.  (I’m talking the old, good MAD, not the predictable, repetitive product it had evolved into by about 1970. “After MAD, drugs were nothing”—Patti Smith.)

Example: the following cover art from Incredible Science Fiction No. 31, Sep./Oct. 1955:



Incredible (heh) what pencil, brush, and India ink can do in the hands of a skilled comics artist.

Scholarly notes:

   1)  Boots! Shin-protecting, real space-leather boots that break at the ankle!

   2)  Side-stripes.

   3)  Shorts over tights: very half-a-century later, eh?

   4)  Gender roles: securely defined, fun for all.

Man, the future just ain’t what it used to be . . .

The Un-Man

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Episode #10: The Great Drunken Anime Rant!

Yes, here we are again. I’m late and you probably all hate me for it. All three of you who actually read this. I won’t bother to explain why we’re so late because it’s in the podcast. So without further complications, here it is: The Great Drunken Anime Rant of MDNN! (please strap your children down)

This episode of MDNN contains racey material and is not meant for the younger audiences.

“Speed Racer ran over my show notes at 100 mph!”

Intro & Outro Music
– Intro – Vintage Punk, provided by The Un-Man
– Outro – “Her Collapse” by Joe Jasko, Shell Of Summer

– All the bad Anime in the world at the same time, at both ends of the spectrum. Its possible. Just listen.
Speed Racer (anime, The Un-Man: resonates relevance for its time)
Gantz (manga, The Un-Man: ridiculous, over extended, but bloody)

Un-Man Audio
– The Unedited Promo (meet the cast of the cast!)
– J.C. Hutchinsss…s’ “7th Son: Obsidian(when the lights go out, chaos reigns!)
Random Audio
– All sound effects provided by The Freesound Project.
– “Over 9000”, “the death of Jeff”, and “Read a Book” taken from YouTube.

Next, on the MDNN, when we go around the corner…
– A blooper episode of untold proportions.
(maybe possibly) Scott Sigler NY Pub Crawl audio.
– And so much more… ( you can’t even possible imagine!)

Contact Info
Skype – MDNNcast
AIM – LightningMonk007
Facebook – search “Multi Ninja” in groups
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s, like “Larry” did

Important Announcement!!: We encourage all members of MDNN to sift through your copies of the episodes, choose the best lines, moments, and shrieks from the cast and crew, and send them to They will be judged for use in a techno remix of MDNN.

Direct Download 10

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New Crisis: MDNN Causes Widespread Workplace Shirkage

Greetings from the Un-man.

It has been brought to my attention by sources inside the Federal Reserve system that MDNN has reduced the gross domestic product of the United States by almost 0.8% over the last fiscal quarter. The mechanism of harm: bored workers are listening to MDNN rather than working. The following image, captured by our unethical hidden camera, records an actual instance of recent MDNN-triggered worker insurbodination at Google, Inc. headquarters in Mountain View, California. Note the miniaturized stereo microphone that we inconspicuously attached to the ceiling in order to capture audio.

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