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Vidcast #1: Meet the Crew!

This is it! The first instalment in the Video portion of MDNN! Here, you will be getting creative videos and short films envisioned, directed, and produced by me, The BenT One. Expect some great things from here. OK, not that great, but you’ll enjoy them. If you want to watch the first experements in video that I worked on, go to and check out my Vlog, Big Brother Tv.

Vidcast Direct Download 1


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Episode #4.5: Promo the Second

“Listening to the Multi Dimensional Ninja Network changed my life!”
– Random Listener

This Promo is the culmination of roughly 5 hours of intensive editing. Needless to say, its much better than the previous one. And a bit more bold, if I do say so myself.

Parties Involved
The Supreme Narutard
His sister (who shall forever remain nameless)
The Grim One
The Un-Man

Back-up Music
– “FCCU” by AM Stereo

Places you can find the podcast
– Podcast Ally
– Podcast Pickle
– Pod-Planet
– iTunes – search for “mdnn”
– The official Libsyn site
– subscribe to the Feedburner feed

Well, that’s it. Now go watch some anime. Try searching for “Lebin”.

Direct Download 4.5

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