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Episode #10: The Great Drunken Anime Rant!

Yes, here we are again. I’m late and you probably all hate me for it. All three of you who actually read this. I won’t bother to explain why we’re so late because it’s in the podcast. So without further complications, here it is: The Great Drunken Anime Rant of MDNN! (please strap your children down)

This episode of MDNN contains racey material and is not meant for the younger audiences.

“Speed Racer ran over my show notes at 100 mph!”

Intro & Outro Music
– Intro – Vintage Punk, provided by The Un-Man
– Outro – “Her Collapse” by Joe Jasko, Shell Of Summer

– All the bad Anime in the world at the same time, at both ends of the spectrum. Its possible. Just listen.
Speed Racer (anime, The Un-Man: resonates relevance for its time)
Gantz (manga, The Un-Man: ridiculous, over extended, but bloody)

Un-Man Audio
– The Unedited Promo (meet the cast of the cast!)
– J.C. Hutchinsss…s’ “7th Son: Obsidian(when the lights go out, chaos reigns!)
Random Audio
– All sound effects provided by The Freesound Project.
– “Over 9000”, “the death of Jeff”, and “Read a Book” taken from YouTube.

Next, on the MDNN, when we go around the corner…
– A blooper episode of untold proportions.
(maybe possibly) Scott Sigler NY Pub Crawl audio.
– And so much more… ( you can’t even possible imagine!)

Contact Info
Skype – MDNNcast
AIM – LightningMonk007
Facebook – search “Multi Ninja” in groups
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s, like “Larry” did

Important Announcement!!: We encourage all members of MDNN to sift through your copies of the episodes, choose the best lines, moments, and shrieks from the cast and crew, and send them to They will be judged for use in a techno remix of MDNN.

Direct Download 10


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