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Episode #9: Gurren Lagann gets a Parasyte from watching the Biomega OVA

I’m late. So sue me. OK, I’m REALLY late. There is no excuse for this, except that this is another soon-to-be-fun-filled episode of the great and glorious MDNN! It’s even shiny and stuff! Oh, well, on to the chopping block… I MEAN Audacity to work on the next episode, which may feature Scott Sigler. Again. Yeah, he’s just that bad ass. Ok, this episode we talk about more BLAME! related material, some manga that sounds like an INFECTED rip-off, and Gurren Lagann! Now, strike your best Kamina-sama pose and get ready to listen to MDNN, Episode 9!

“The show notes had the measles, so we’re filling in.”

Intro & Outro Music
– Intro – “Tommy” by The Who (please forgive the Grim One)
– Outro – “Minna no Peace (Everybody’s Peace)” by Afromania

Biomega (manga, excellent – read it now!)
– Russian bears with guns. Da.
BLAME! OVA (anime, FILTH! – let it rot on the shelves)
– I actually cut a lot of out bitching out.
Parasyte (manga, excellent – read it now!)
– No, I do NOT have a parasite…
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! (anime, WATCH IT NOW!)
– EVA Jell-O. Don’t ask

Un-Man Audio
– Dr. Nowhere and Dr. Emptiness review the radio
– Our deepest apologies to the artists reviewed. You knew this was coming.

– Scott Sigler’s “INFECTED” (I had no choice: his assistant made me)
– Matt Wallace’s “The Next Fix” (Cyberpunk. ‘Nuff said)

Next, on the MDNN, when we go around the corner…
– A new S & M episode featuring another smash hit not unlike Candy Rapper (give me MORE psychic energy, my ninjas…)
– (maybe possibly) Scott Sigler NY Pub Crawl audio
– And so much more…

Contact Info
– Skype – MDNNcast
– AIM – LightningMonk007
– Facebook – search “Multi Ninja” in groups
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s, like “Larry” did

Important Announcement!!: Buy Infected on April 1st and help our Future Dark Overlord™ Scott Sigler take over the world. Get flyers, stick stickers, even put him on your phone! It helps inflate his ego. Just buy the damned book, OK? Scott’s “official assistant” told me to play the promo, so just humor the bald guy with the stick, please.

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