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Episode #9: Gurren Lagann gets a Parasyte from watching the Biomega OVA

I’m late. So sue me. OK, I’m REALLY late. There is no excuse for this, except that this is another soon-to-be-fun-filled episode of the great and glorious MDNN! It’s even shiny and stuff! Oh, well, on to the chopping block… I MEAN Audacity to work on the next episode, which may feature Scott Sigler. Again. Yeah, he’s just that bad ass. Ok, this episode we talk about more BLAME! related material, some manga that sounds like an INFECTED rip-off, and Gurren Lagann! Now, strike your best Kamina-sama pose and get ready to listen to MDNN, Episode 9!

“The show notes had the measles, so we’re filling in.”

Intro & Outro Music
– Intro – “Tommy” by The Who (please forgive the Grim One)
– Outro – “Minna no Peace (Everybody’s Peace)” by Afromania

Biomega (manga, excellent – read it now!)
– Russian bears with guns. Da.
BLAME! OVA (anime, FILTH! – let it rot on the shelves)
– I actually cut a lot of out bitching out.
Parasyte (manga, excellent – read it now!)
– No, I do NOT have a parasite…
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! (anime, WATCH IT NOW!)
– EVA Jell-O. Don’t ask

Un-Man Audio
– Dr. Nowhere and Dr. Emptiness review the radio
– Our deepest apologies to the artists reviewed. You knew this was coming.

– Scott Sigler’s “INFECTED” (I had no choice: his assistant made me)
– Matt Wallace’s “The Next Fix” (Cyberpunk. ‘Nuff said)

Next, on the MDNN, when we go around the corner…
– A new S & M episode featuring another smash hit not unlike Candy Rapper (give me MORE psychic energy, my ninjas…)
– (maybe possibly) Scott Sigler NY Pub Crawl audio
– And so much more…

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– Skype – MDNNcast
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– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s, like “Larry” did

Important Announcement!!: Buy Infected on April 1st and help our Future Dark Overlord™ Scott Sigler take over the world. Get flyers, stick stickers, even put him on your phone! It helps inflate his ego. Just buy the damned book, OK? Scott’s “official assistant” told me to play the promo, so just humor the bald guy with the stick, please.

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BLAIRSTOWN, NJ. 3:35 AM EST. In a shocking setback for one of the least-known stars of online manga and anime reviews, Benjamin Clifford was arrested early this morning by federal agents.

Clifford, according to an FBI spokesperson, had systematically sucked psychic energy from his tiny legion of fans by repeatedly promising them a new episode of his podcast, the “Multidimensional Ninja Network,” and then failing to deliver.

“This was not mere laziness or stupidity,” said the spokesman, who remained hooded throughout the press conference, spoke through a distorting microphone, and lurked behind a wall of bulletproof glass. “Clifford’s persona as a groggy, unfocused slacker simply unable to get his shit together together was, in fact, the carefully-constructed mask of an arch-fiend and terrorist. We are also investigating links to Al Qaeda, for whom we believe Clifford may have served as a court jester and batboy, and a possible clandestine biological weapons program in his underwear drawer.”

The FBI said that Clifford will be indicted under the RICO Act on conspiracy charges as well as under a variety of state, federal, and corporate anti-teasing statutes. If convicted on all counts, he faces a life sentence as a human urinal in a Greyhound Bus terminal to be chosen democratically by the cast of American Idol.

Clifford’s lawyer, holding forth at a small go-go bar named “Frooty’s” in Paterson, New Jersey, said that he was not aware of Clifford’s arrest and did not “give two shakes of a rat’s ass what happens to that twisted little procrastinator. I hope they lock him up and throw away the jail.”

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Listener Feedback Episode #1: The Rubber Armed Death Gods of Anime Reviews

We’re back and better than ever. Well, maybe not that good. Anyway, we have been bad, lazy podcasters and haven’t responded to any of our listener’s feedback. So here it is, the first ever MDNN Listener Feedback episode. Lots of crazy comments, plus a very strange audio comment. We hope you enjoy it. BANZAI!

“These shownotes are making me uncomfortable in my place of work.”

Music in the Episode
“(Your) Reflection” by 2FP
“MDNN Blues” by The Un-Man
“The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” by Leonard Nemoy (Spock)

The Comments


“Candy Rapper ROCKS! very funny stuff! Cracking us up all the way down in Atlanta!”
– ktina76 ( * * * * * ) five stars


“Curse you and your oddly addicting podcast! Curse you!”
– Phil

“I love this show! The skits are pretty funny and the manga and anime reviews are pretty good. I had totally forgotten about FLCL until you guys reminded me and now I am remembering all the innuendo that flew over my head as a kid! Keep it up!”
– Lizzie



I was there, but no one would have ANY IDEA.”
– Kelsey

“Why are carrots orange?”
– Some dude named Tim


“I like the way The BenT One and Raw Sushi go at it in the reviews here on Episode 8. These are complementary voices that belong together, like peanut butter and jelly. Or maybe like cancer and chemotherapy. I enjoy the way The BenT One babbles blithely on, trying almost to make sense, while Raw Sushi continually delivers witty short sharp sidekicks to his goolies. Result: disorientation, nervous twitching. This is good. Every true loving heart needs a dream, and every weasel needs some flesh to tear, eh?

I’m perhaps one of the few middle-aged phutzes on the planet, outside of Japan where they apparently have nothing better to do (except yearn futilely after all those big-eyed schoolgirls in British-derived skirt uniforms that drive young men mad and make old men young) who has actually commenced the NOISE manga, reviewed in this podcast. I affirm that the architectural backgrounds are very fine graphic art.

Future grim in this book? Oh, grim grim grim. But grim with a moody, visually rich grimness that will make the actual future, even tomorrow’s gym class (or, for the gray-and-paunchy set, retirement to a dying ground in Florida) seem a veritable heaven by comparison, which is always nice. Or wait. Isn’t the bleak dead empty ugly city that can’t stop building itself to infinity simply what America already is?

Speaking of grim grim grim, I highly commend to the attention of both the BenT One and Raw Sushi two works of classic and very, very nasty prose SF, “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” and “A Boy and His Dog,” both by Harlan Ellison and both available at any local public library that has not yet been purged by narrow-skulled genetically engineered Republicans whiffling and squealing about Family Values (the family values of a hairless mole-rat nest, they mean, where the young are kept deep underground and fed, literally, on the excrement of their elders in order to imbue them with behavior-controlling hormones — true fact!). But since many libraries have indeed been so purged, or have long been governed by librarians too feeble-minded and bestseller-driven to stock the classics, I hereby undertake, if requested, to photocopy and mail to The BenT One said very very nasty classic stories for sharing with Raw Sushi and assorted tough-minded others to be chosen at his discretion. Nasty, I think I said? You have been warned. I am not responsible. For the content or for anything else whatever.

By the way, I’m consistently amazed, in manga, by how little plot can transpire in a 223-page book. Why is this? And if I skin a cat to make a hat, can I dice a beagle to feed an eagle?

Onward to oblivion!

PS. It is rumored than Ellison’s classic SF tale “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” is a rewrite of an earlier story that was rejected by publishers, “I Have No Muffin and I Must Scream.”

Actually, I just made that up. Aren’t you proud?

Clearly, I would rather do anything that work this afternoon. But now I shall work.”
– Larry

Audio mp3

Another comment from Larry. This one’s a song, and not an essay.

Pornos… I MEAN Promos!
The Metamor City Podcast (cyberpunk + magic + fantasy)

Next time on MDNN…
Raw Sushi returns!
“Gurren Lagann” anime review and “Parasyte” manga review
– more BLAME! related talk
– epicosity (listen in to find out just what this work means)

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Skype – MDNNcast
AIM – LightningMonk007
Facebook – search “Multi Ninja” in groups
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s

Buy Infected on April 1st and help our Dark Evil Overlord™ Scott Sigler take over the world. Even put him on your phone! It helps inflate his ego.

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