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Episode #8: Obscure Anime takes the BLAME!

Well here you have it: Episode 8 of the MDNN! It’s a good show: We have a new member, Raw Sushi, do a TON of reviews, and the Un-Man tells us how the military influenced your favorite Sci-Fi flick. It is a good show, filled with baseball, cats, falic imagery, and insanely powerful guns. If you don’t listen, donkey ears will sprout from your elbows. Rather than having to explain that, just listen. Trust me. And I apologize for the screwed up sound levels.

“Don’t listen to anything Raw Sushi says, he’s crazy. Oh yeah, Shownotes.”

Intro & Outro Music
– Intro – “What’s Up, People” by Hormone the Maximum
– Outro – “BLAME! ending music” by ????

– Good & Overlooked Anime
Ghost in the Shell (invisible hoodies)
One Piece (rubber arms)
Last Exile (the ending sucks!)
EVA (enemy designs)
– Anime that sucks
DBZ (5 episodes: what the hell, man?)

– Yeah, we got carried away…
BLAME! (manga/CGI movie) – Read it now
Death Note (manga/anime) – Read/Watch it now
Noein (quantum physics just got cool)
FLCL (baseball)
– Baseball (nudge nudge wink wink)
– Falic imagery gone wild
– Gutterize your mind
Miyazaki Films
Howl’s Moving Castle (little old ladies kick ass)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (don’t fuck with the forest)
The Un-Man: Militarism in Sci-Fi

Anime World Order (discover “The Truth” about anime)
Ninja Consultant (OTAKU EXTREME!!!)
Transistor Rodeo, a Podcast novel (Battle Bots + Jumanji)

Next, on the MDNN…
– A new SSM episode featuring another smash hit not unlike Candy Rapper
– Shout-outs to our loyal fans (I meen it this time)
– “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” anime review (more falic imagery)

Contact Info
Skype – MDNNcast
AIM – LightningMonk007
Facebook – search “Multi Ninja” in groups
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s

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February 1, 2008 - Posted by | podcast

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  1. I like the way the BenT One and Tim the Magician go at it in the reviews here on Episode 8. These are complementary voices that belong together, like peanut butter and jelly. Or maybe like cancer and chemotherapy. I enjoy the way the BenT One babbles blithely on, trying almost to make sense, while the Magician continually delivers witty short sharp side-kicks to his goolies. Result: disorientation, nervous twitching. This is good. Every true loving heart needs a dream, and every weasel needs some flesh to tear, eh?

    I’m perhaps one of the few middle-aged phutzes on the planet, outside of Japan where they apparently have nothing better to do (except yearn futilely after all those big-eyed schoolgirls in British-derived skirt uniforms that drive young men mad and make old men young) who has actually commenced the NOISE manga, reviewed in this podcast. I affirm that the architectural backgrounds are very fine graphic art.

    Future grim in this book? Oh, grim grim grim. But grim with a moody, visually rich grimness that will make the actual future, even tomorrow’s gym class (or, for the gray-and-paunchy set, retirement to a dying ground in Florida) seem a veritable heaven by comparison, which is always nice. Or wait. Isn’t the infinite dead empty ugly city that can’t stop building itself to infinity simply what America already is?

    Speaking of grim grim grim, I highly commend to the attention of both the BenT One and Tim the Magician two works of classic and very, very nasty prose SF, “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” and “A Boy and His Dog,” both by Harlan Ellison and both available at any local public library that has not yet been purged by narrow-skulled genetically engineered Republicans whiffling and squealing about Family Values (the family values of a hairless mole-rat nest, they mean, where the young are kept deep underground and fed, literally, on the excrement of their elders in order to imbue them with behavior-controlling hormones — true fact!). But since many libraries have indeed been so purged, or have long been governed by librarians too feeble-minded and bestseller-driven to stock the classics, I hereby undertake, if requested, to photocopy and mail to the BenT One said very very nasty classic stories for sharing with the Magician and assorted tough-minded others to be chosen at his discretion. Nasty, I think I said? You have been warned. I am not responsible. For the content or for anything else whatever.

    By the way, I’m consistently amazed, in manga, by how little plot can transpire in a 223-page book. Why is this? And if I skin a cat to make a hat, can I dice a beagle to feed an eagle?

    Onward to oblivion!

    The Un-Man

    PS. If Tim the Magician would like to christen himself with some other moniker, I will not protest. I simply had to invent something and the Monty Python and Holy Grail reference is what came to mind . . .

    Comment by Larry Gilman | February 17, 2008 | Reply

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