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Episode #7: I Am Legend (and so can you)

Now that Christmas is over, we can finally get back to doing some podcasting! Both me and The Grim One took a road trip up to Vermont to visit The Un-Man, and we got some killer recording done. We did some reviews and clowned around, but the important thing was that we had The Un-Man “live” on the show. It’s a more serious show, but you’ll still enjoy it nonetheless. No skits this time, though. Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Now, on with the show!

“All the shownotes you have ever known are DEAD!!!”

Intro Music
Intro“Forces” by Susumu Hirasawa

The Un-Man
“The Omega Man” staring Charlton Heston (Sci Fi)
The Grim One
“I Am Legend” staring Will Smith (Sci Fi)
The Supreme Narutard
“Berserk” (Anime)

Black Shadow, a Podcast novel by Steve Saylor (Bat Man is a pussy)
Morevi Remastered, a Podcast novel by Tee Morris (Pirates Vs. Ninjas)
Stranger Things, a Vidcast produced by Earl Newton (Tell one friend)

Next, on the MDNN…
– Reviews of BLAME! and DEATH NOTE
– A new co-host, Raw Sushi
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