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Episode #6: D&D Tactics Advance

Behold! ‘Tis the long awaited Episode 6 of the Multi Dimensional Ninja Network! This episode has been several months in the making, partly because I couldn’t find the time to record an intro and outro due to me having to prepare my college art portfolio, and also because I’m a lazy bastard. Any way, this episode you get lots of Skits, a hilarious discussion, some Indie music, and lots of side splitting Bloopers. Plus we introduce a new member and finally decide on an official theme song for the Podcast. Whew! Lots of stuff dealt with, but not nearly enough. All I can say is look forward to a Soul Searing Music episode soon featuring another political song from The Un-Man. Now go listen!

“Show notes: they are the only element that truly do not exist”

Intro & Outro Music
– Intro – “The League” by The Anti-Nowhere League
– “New Heights” by Streetlights

Topics Discussed
– Musings on D&D by our new member, Elnshaw
– Torture
– D&D Strip Clubs
Soupbone the Wonder Pimp
And much, much more!!!

– Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
– The Supreme Narutard – 4/4
– Elnshaw – 4/4

Mike’s Hot Dish (The next Generation of Radio)
7th Son and Heaven (J.C. might be in some trouble)
‘Scott Sigler Wants To Kill You’ contest (That’s right, Bitches!)

Skits from the Archives
“Cheap Louie on Hotel Etiquette” concept & performance by The Un-Man
“Microwave Magic” concept & scripting by The Un-Man and his wife
“Our Story continues…” concept & performance by The Un-Man
The Cast – The Un-Man and his wife.

Next, on the MDNN…
– A new SSM episode featuring another smash hit not unlike Candy Rapper
– Shout-outs to our loyal fans

Contact Info
Skype – MDNNcast
AIM – LightningMonk007
Facebook – search “Multi Ninja” in groups
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s

Important Announcement!!: everyone and anyone who enjoys this Podcast needs to go on out to your local student body and drum up support for The Multi-Dimensional Ninja Network podcast because, frankly, we’re running low on subscribers. Tell all your friends to join!

Direct Download 6


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