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New Episodes Coming Soon. We Hope.

Hey, everyone! This is the Supreme Narutard just checking in to say that 1) we aren’t dead and 2) we will be releasing a new episode of the MDNN in the very near future. What shall we give you faithful listeners in this upcoming episode? Well, for one, we will give the reason that we have been absent for so long, and details about my real life Harem experience. Future episodes will also include more reviews, such as the much loved Vault of the Un-Man, and a guest. So whoever voted for more reviews will get their wish, and don’t bother worrying about the Un-Man: he’s the one who voted for more interviews before i could lock out cast members from voting. So while you’re waiting, go listen to some other podcasts, or watch some anime. Oh, and i just love this Youtube video!

Spiderman joins the X-Men



August 11, 2007 - Posted by | announcment

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