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Episode #4: Lots o’ Fun with 7th Son!

“ROAR! THE LATE NIGHT OF PODCASTING COMPLETED!” Yep, that’s right: I completed Episode 4 and two others this morning at 3:15 A.M., having started at 1:00 P.M. yesterday. Needless to say, I won’t be editing anything any time soon. But enough with the personal crap: let’s talk show notes. This episode we bring the humor to the Podcast in ernest with several comedy sketches as well as a fun filled interview with J.C. Hutchins, the author of The 7th Son Trilogy. Well, as the little guy says, “We be podcastin’, Yo!

“When Shownotes Collide” , coming to a Podcast near you:

Intro & Outro Music
– “The Seventh Son” by Johnny Rivers
– “One Promise” by 3rd Culture
– “Down with the Sickness” by Distrubed

– J.C. Hutchins of the 7th Son Trilogy Podcast.

Topics Discussed
– Why clones were chosen over super heroes
– The development of Kilroy 2.0
– 7th Son Tech talk
– How we threatened the author
And much, much more!!!

Anime Pulse (one of the best anime podcasts out there)
The 7th Son Trilogy, by J.C. Hutchins (a gripping tale of love, sacrifice, and clones with guns)

Skits from the Archives
– “Battle For The Cookie” concept & scripting by The Un-Man
– “S-N and U-M do Iraq” concept & scripting by The Un-Man
– “Guru Hardknocks” concept & performance by The Un-Man
The Cast – The Supreme Narutard, his sister, his mother, The Grim One, The Un-Man, and his wife.

Next time on MDNN…
– It’s on a need-to-know basis, and you don’t need to know.
– Oh, and an update on the progress on the T-Shirt designs (they’re freakin’ awesome)

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– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s

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