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Episode #3: On the run with Matthew Wayne Selznick

Well, it’s been a while. A really long while. First of all, I think we can establish that I’m not dead. Second, I do have what I promised I’d give you in the next actual episode. HAH! Got it this time! Many good things in this episode: anime news, a review, an interview, a contest, and some juicy promos. Oh, and a special announcement. NOW GO LISTEN!


Skits from the Archives
“Who Put This in Here?” concept and performance by The Grim One.

Intro & Outro Music
“Brave Men Run (In My Family)” by Sonic Youth

– Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of Brave Men Run.
– Give Brave Men Run a listen here, or buy it to show your support to Mr. Selznic.
– Check out the progress on the second sovereign novel here.

Sci-Fi – “The Star of Life”, by Edmond Hamilton

Anime News
– “Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow in theaters June 6

Brave Men Run, by Matthew Wayne Selznic
The Billibub Baddings Podcast, by Tee Morris
Weekly Anime Review, by Aaron

“Name That Tune” Contest – listen to the three clips from anime/Sci-Fi shows and send us an email with your entries as to what three shows they are from.
Prizes – a new “Fullmetal Alchemist: The Concorer of Shambala” DVD and a used “Wrath of the Ninja”VHS tape.

***(you must get all three shows right in order win these prizes.)***

– make sure to include “contest #1” in the subject line of your email, or it will be spammed.
– Contest deadline is July 1. Now get listening!

Next, on the MDNN…
Interview – “50/50/50 7th Son Podcast tour” interview with the one and only J.C. Hutchins! This is truly an awesome interview.
Reviews – I can’t make any promises
Skits – There will be some funny stuff cooked up by all of us.

Contact Info
E-mail –
Skype – MDNNcast
AIM – LightningMonk007
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s

Important Announcement!!: everyone and anyone who enjoys this Podcast needs to resubscribe to it, if you haven’t already. Go and click on the RSS button at the top of the side bar that says, “Subscribe to a reader”. Then, just subscribe in your favorite RSS reader and we will be good to go!

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