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Episode #1: Scott Sigler spills the beans on Ancestor

THANK GOD!!!!!! After much procrastination, aggravation, and three failed editing sessions, Episode 1 of the MDNN is finally here! Yes, “Audacity” is a great free editing program, but once it deleted my backup files twice in a row, that got thrown out the window faster than Ichigo can “Flash Step”.

And now, the official show notes:

Intro Music – “20th Century Fox Fanfare” from Star Wars

What you’ll get in each episode
Anime (my job)
Sci-Fi/Fantasy (my dad’s and uncle’s job)
Reviews of former and latter (always at least one)
Discussions (not often, but sometimes)
Rants (these are also inconsistent)
And general wackiness from our collective subconscious

The Supreme Narutard – The birth of an Otaku.
The Grim One – Reviewer of “Grim” Sci-Fi/Fantasy tales.
The Un-Man – A geek with unrivaled intellect and audio editing skills.

Anime News
– One Piece English dub by 4Kids is finally stopped.
– Live action Speed Racer movie due out in Summer 2008.
– Wachowski Brothers are directing it (you know, the Matrix).
– New Final Fantasy Tactics game, “FFT A2: The Sealed Grimoire”

– No reviews this time.

– We interview the father of Podcast Novels, Scott Sigler, about his novel Ancestor.
– real life Ancestor: A sheep with 15% human DNA is created in pursuit of xenotransplantation
– Earthcore, Infection, and The Rookie are also discussed.
– Check out Scott’s podcast.
Buy Ancestor and help Scott take over the world!

Contact Info
E-mail –
Skype – MDNNcast
AIM – LightningMonk007
– No call-in line, but you can send us mp3s.

Next, on the MDNN…
Anime ReviewTrinity Blood
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Review – The Changes Trilogy ( not Anita Blake. I lied in the episode)

Skits from the Archives
– “Invitation to the Dance” (concept and editing by The Un-Man)
– “A Long Time Ago…” (concept and editing by The Un-Man)

Make sure to tell at least one friend about the Multi Dimensional Ninja Network, so we can take over the Globe as soon as possible!

Direct Downlaod 1


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