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The End of the World Has Been Postponed

Hey there, everyone! Yes, I know I said that I would be bringing you an episode soon, but things have been really crazy. Had to write a GIANT essay for my English class, got my wisdom teeth taken out, etc. BUT DO NOT FEAR! I will try to do an episode soon (knocks on wood), and hopefully the new format I devised for making the podcast will make it easier to make and get episodes out. But I’ll keep the format secret ’till Episode #1 is released. The plan originally was that I was going to do a review of the anime “X” and the first novel of the almighty Dragonlance Series “Dragons of Autumn Twilight”, ’cause they both deal with a fight for the world as we know it (or would like to). But that particular episode will have to wait due to the fact that I get anime partially through Netflix. Unfortunately, so does the rest of my family. So I only get one friggin‘ disk of any given series at a time. grrrrr… Anyway, I’ll try to get something out soon. Keep the Faith Alive!


February 23, 2007 - Posted by | announcment

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