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Welcome to the Threshold of Hell!

Hello and welcome to the “Multi Dimensional Ninja Network” Podcast’s official link page, where you can find more detailed show notes as well as some extra goodies not found in the podcast, such as trivia, musings form the depths of my consciousness, and what ever I forgot to mention in the last show. Speaking of the shows, this will not be a podcast with a definite schedule, so if you’re expecting a nicely wrapped weekly podcast, YOU WERE WRONG! I’LL GET THE SHOWS OUT WHEN I GODDAMN FEEL LIKE IT! Actually, what I’ll be doing is watching a series all the way through, and then reviewing it after I’m done. It’ll be the same way with the Si-Fi and fantasy reviews, but I’ll warn you that I’m the slowest reader on the planet, so actual book reviews will be few and far between. I’ll be doing reviews of Si-Fi/Fantasy movie and shows in between, so don’t fret. But be rest assured that when I bring my loyal flock a book review, it is bound to be something very good!
What I’ll try to do is coordinate the themes of both reviews, but I can’t promise that you’ll get a Si-Fi and an Anime review in the same episode, BUT I WILL SUPPLY BOTH NEEDS! But for now, you can wait till I put out the first episode, which will be focused on the end of the world (Yes!)… and Dragons! Expect the unexpected!


February 2, 2007 - Posted by | announcment

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